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On April 2, 2016, The Miracle League of East Alabama kicks off its 2016 baseball season at Billy Hitchcock Field at West Ridge Baseball Complex in Opelika, Alabama.


The Miracle League of East Alabama is a baseball league for children and adults with physical and mental disabilities. The Miracle League has grown from 56 players to nearly 250 players since the league was created in 2008. There are two different leagues, one for older players who are more mobile and another for players who have more physical handicaps. The Miracle League is free to all players. Volunteer “buddies” help players play baseball.


  •         Games are held every Saturday in April and May from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  •         Players play on a flat field made of specialized rubber to make it easier for the players.
  •         Teams are sponsored by local businesses and organizations.
  •        There is absolutely no charge for players to participate.


“My son is special needs, and he played regular baseball in Auburn for a league. I found out within the first year that he just wasn’t going to fit in with those children. So we came out here (Miracle League) the next year. After the first week, I saw how much fun they had and how they treated all the kids, buddies and families, I knew I wanted to get involved.” -Kenny Buck, Miracle League marketing director

“When I started to go out there and volunteer it really just opened my eyes to what it’s like for people with disabilities. Everyone is so unique in their form of communication and their way of handling certain situations so it’s always really uplifting when you get to know them and are able to make that connection that breaks those barriers. I’ve been with kids that weren’t even able to talk or walk, but they were so happy to be out there participating in an activity that they wouldn’t be able to do without a lot of assistance.” -Grace Cox, vice president of Diamond Dolls


Rob Cox


Photo Credit: The Miracle League

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